The first IoT system dedicated to urban agriculture


Reduce your maintenance costs

Up to 70% reduction compared to conventional cropping systems

Real time monitoring 24/24h

to know the state of your plantations and optimize your time

système connectée de réduction des coûts d'entretien

Increase your chances of success

Success rate 20% higher than average

Alerts and recommendations

receive the information you need to manage your crops, to know when and how to act. 

Maximizing engagement

Educational content to raise awareness of urban agriculture and monitoring indicators 

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Our solutions are aimed at SmartCity professionals and communities, as well as individuals!

Our sensor network collects agro-climatic data and stores them in 3 databases:

  • One for communities, landlords and UA facility managers, allowing them to manage several hundred crop systems and to remotely control their facility.
  • One for the general public, in the form of a mobile application to educate users about UA, facilitate watering and alert them in case of problems.
  • The last database is intended to feed Machine Learning algorithms to understand urban microclimates and plant growth in the city, in order to optimize yields! 

Small fruits, vegetables, herbs, edible and medicinal flowers …

A variety you want to plant is not yet present in our database?

Our participative system allows you to make a request to be added to our team. The database grows thanks to you and adapts to YOUR needs.  

The Internet of Things encompasses all the layers, stages and production chains of the world of connected objects. 

From the development of physical objects, to the collection of data, to the sensors that store and analyze volumes of data, to the transmission of these data, to the platforms made available to analyze them.

At Agrove, our ambition is to re-vegetate cities to make them more human and sustainable, thanks to urban agriculture and digital technology. 

According to the FAO, definition, urban agriculture (UA) is growing crops in cities or raising animals in cities.

Urban agriculture is multifunctional.
It serves several purposes:

  • to contribute to household food security
  • provide fresh food
    create jobs
  • to recycle urban waste
  • to valorize empty and abandoned spaces (wastelands, vacancies, roofs)
  • to contribute to the formation of green belts and strengthen the resilience of cities to climate change. 

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